Thank you

I just want to say a quick thank you to everyone for your support. The response has been absolutely overwhelming! I never expected anyone to particularly take any notice but I’m happy to say that my posts have been seen and shared which means my goal is being met! Thank you so much ūüôā

Achy legs

¬† ¬†As my friends and family know, I work part time. Two days a week I clean for a holiday resort. It’s a pretty fast paced job as I’m on a tight time limit and I’m on my feet non stop once I start, which is really good as it keeps my legs well circulated … More Achy legs

What is Lipoedema?

Lipoedema is a long term chronic disorder where diseased fat cells accumulate in the lower limbs and sometimes the arms, but hands and feet aren’t affected. Lipoedema is also very often mistaken for Lymphedema¬†or obesity.¬†Enlargement of the limbs differ between people and can get worse over time. Typical signs of Lipoedema are: Large hips and … More What is Lipoedema?