What is Lipoedema?

Lipoedema is a long term chronic disorder where diseased fat cells accumulate in the lower limbs and sometimes the arms, but hands and feet aren’t affected. Lipoedema is also very often mistaken for Lymphedema or obesity. Enlargement of the limbs differ between people and can get worse over time.

Typical signs of Lipoedema are:

  • Large hips and legs but small waist
  • Discomfort and heaviness in the legs
  • Hands and feet aren’t affected by excess weight
  • Legs and arms bruise easily
  • In some cases, legs can be very tender to touch
  • Legs can feel painful or ache

Lipoedema starts where change of hormones occurs such as puberty,  pregnancy or menopause. It is said that an astounding 11% of women suffer from this condition but very rarely occurs in men. Some people aren’t aware they have it and think it’s just due to being overweight. Unfortunately there is no cure. There are treatments or techniques you can use to help improve shape, pain or tenderness. Compression garments, low impact exercises, massage and tumescent liposuction (which unfortunately isn’t available on NHS)

Do you think you have Lipoedema? If so, it might be worth just popping to your GP. I’m sorry not all details are explained but I didn’t know about Lipoedema myself until a few months ago so i’m still pretty new to it all. I hope this is somewhat a little helpful at least.

I will post a few pictures up in next few days so people have a visual.


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