Achy legs

20150714_175048110_iOS   As my friends and family know, I work part time. Two days a week I clean for a holiday resort. It’s a pretty fast paced job as I’m on a tight time limit and I’m on my feet non stop once I start, which is really good as it keeps my legs well circulated and of course exercising them does them good. The only trouble I have is that by the end of the day they really ache! From the waist down I have this horrible ache, like I have been working out for days on end. I notice the achiness more when I go to bed and I can’t get comfortable. By the next day, however, they are fine.

Before I was prescribed my tights I used to go to my GP complaining of bad leg aches and pains. My legs often felt strangulated and tight. Almost every night I’d feel uncomfortable, sometimes reducing me to tears. Since wearing my tights, the aches and pains have reduced dramatically (apart from working days). The difference is amazing. I do try to wear my tights everyday but if the weather is too hot, I tend not to wear them at work as I have to wear trousers. Wearing the both can make me overheat.

If you are wondering if I can move around in my tights OK then the answer is yes! Whilst being measured I mentioned that I move around and bend down a lot in my job and the nurses have measured me so that my joints can move very easily.

I’d just like to add that if anyone that suffers from Lipoedema or thinks they do and wants to talk to someone you can always email me at I’m always willing to listen 🙂

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