The boys first Karate lesson

As in the ‘about’ section I state that this blog is also about our journey and adventures together. I wanted to post about Lipoedema first off so that I can not only raise awareness but when I mention struggles I have, you understand a bit more as to why. I didn’t want to base it all around the disorder.

Anyway for a long time my eldest son has been going on and on about joining Karate, so last week we signed him and my middle son up. They were absolutely over the moon when my OH and I told them! We had a gentleman come to our house to discuss what they teach and how. He tried to get us all to join but it’s not for me, besides, I know my tights are flexible but not that flexible 😁

Last night was their first lesson. They absolutely loved every minute of it. I was impressed with the concentration from the boys and how well they followed instructions, all the while having fun with it.

Even just after one lesson I’d recommend it. Some other children that were there have been members for a bit longer and they were booming with confidence and pride. Not only that it gets them out and helps them bond with other children.

Whether the boys stick with it, of course, is another story 😁


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