Eat fresh, eat clean.

As you all know from my last post I have a hobby making fudge, well sometimes I like to eat a few pieces that I make, they’re delicious what can I say? Unfortunately one of the best ways to help Lipoedema is to “eat clean” which means cut out any junk food.

I’m not sure how easy I will find this as I love my sneaky packet of crisps here and there! The fudge I can take or leave but can I live without my savoury snacks?

Anyway after some research I have found that It’s recommended that I cut a fair bit out of my diet. So from now on I WON’T (or try my very best not to) be eating:

  • Red meats (cries), beef, pork, ham, lamb etc I don’t know how I’ll cope!
  • Carbs such as potatoes and white bread, that’s not too bad, pretty do-able for me.
  • Milk, cheese, butter and yoghurt. I love full fat dairy…. could be a struggle but I am determined!
  • Any processed foods, yes that should be easy (or so I think)
  • Sugar or artificial sweeteners, tough, very tough!

If there is anything else I have missed that I shouldn’t particularly eat, please let me know, I don’t want to feed the fat any more than I should.

I bet you’re thinking “what on earth can she eat?” I was thinking the same thing…… but keep in mind, eat clean! so here’s a list of food I CAN eat:

  • Fish, I will have to learn to love fish….
  • Chicken
  • Fruit and vegetables, time to be less fussy on the veg
  • Eggs, poached is probably the best way to eat them
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Nuts (this will replace my sneaky packets of crisps)
  • Substitute milk such as almond, coconut and rice milk
  • Brown rice and buckwheat
  • Dark chocolate if I really want a treat but only one square a day. Again, I will learn to love it

I’m not sure of any other foods I can or can’t eat but I will research and try to get my head around it. As for drinks, I will only be really drinking water as I’m guessing sugary drinks are a big no no. I only normally drink milky tea so I just won’t bother with tea, and alcohol I don’t normally drink anyway so I can easily cut that out. I will update you all when I get into it and reveal my progress throughout this blog. If anyone with Lipoedema that is on a diet plan that works, please feel free to let me know about it, I could really do with all the advice I can get 🙂


4 thoughts on “Eat fresh, eat clean.

  1. Wow Fay, what are you going to do without a steak now and again, good luck and I am sure you are going to do brilliantly xxxx


  2. You don’t HAVE to eat that way just because you have lipedema. It’s recommended by some experts because of the theory that inflammation is connected to lipedema, but at this point, there is no research that proves that this diet helps. So give it a try, see if it helps your symptoms. If you don’t see that it makes that much difference, then it’s your choice whether to continue or not. But don’t let anyone guilt you into it. At this point, we don’t have proof whether it’s helpful or not. Seems helpful to some, and not as much for others. Give it a try and see but don’t feel obligated.


    1. Thank you, it’s so hard knowing what to do. I have heard other Lippy ladies talk about the LCHF diet which is low carb high fat. They say it works really well but I’m a little bit dubious about that one.


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