Echo’s 2 Year anniversary

Yesterday was Echo’s 2 year anniversary with us. He had been through a lot before he got to us and he was only 4 months old at the time.

I first spotted him when I was skyping my mum, she lives in Spain with my step dad. Well at the time of skyping they were looking after Echo, my mum was cuddling him whilst we chatted. I thought he was adorable, he was the cutest thing I’d ever seen. My mum told me that they were looking after him for a little while for a rescue home over there. They had recently adopted a lovely Dalmatian from them and became friends.


His mother was a stray and had given birth to him and his 4 siblings under a tree. They were looked after by a lady until the rescue home took them in. My mum told me I could adopt Echo and got me in touch with the rescue home.

After some time, after we went through some processes, we were allowed to adopt him (yay). He had all of his jabs and had a passport made. I couldn’t wait for him to get here!


He arrived early in the morning and he was so cute and so timid! It was funny because at that time my mum had come over to visit and was staying with us for a few weeks like she does every summer. He recognised her straight away and didn’t really leave her side 😀

He was very shy towards Doug and the boys for a while and would only sit next to me. It didn’t take too long though before he was bounding around with the OH and the boys as if he’d always been with us.

happy pic 4 20150520_151811556_iOS 1

To some, he is just a dog. To us, he is family.



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