Quizonics Level 2 Review

DSC00299   Yet another dreary day so we decided to play a game that I had won in a competition I had entered. The game is really aimed for 7+ years but my 5 year old really wanted to play too.


The game’s purpose is to test knowledge in a fun way. You lay the pile of cards down with the pictures facing upwards. The youngest starts by rolling the dice and the number they roll is the number question they will be asked. The person to their left picks up a card and reads the question on the back for them unless you have a person that isn’t playing that will read the questions for you. The answer is colour coded at the bottom of the card that corresponds to the picture on the front.


Each correct answer gives you 1 point, questions highlighted purple are a bonus and will reward you with another point if answered correctly. Players with the most points win. We played until we had gone through the whole pile of cards.


The boys really enjoyed playing this game and although some questions were difficult for Zach (5yrs), he got on really well and didn’t get too many wrong.

Not only is this game educating it’s also fun for all. I like that we all sat down and really interacted with each other. A game I’d definitely recommend!



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