It’s been a while

Sorry it has been a while since my last post, I just haven’t got round to posting. We have had my mum come and visit from Spain for the last few weeks so we have been spending family time together.

Since my last post we have been mostly trying to renovate the garden, but have been pretty unsuccessful due to the weather being wet! I have been so disappointed this summer as we haven’t had hardly any good days to take the boys anywhere 😦

It’s really hard to keep finding indoor activities to entertain the kids! Although we did have a day out at Hope Nature Centre which the boys absolutely loved. It’s a small local park with animals ranging from Rabbits to Alpacas, a park with trampolines, climbing frames and mini golf, a restaurant and a little gift shop.

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At the entrance you can also purchase feed for some of the animals which is a great experience for children. Zach was a little bit nervous about feeding the goats at first but he soon gained confidence with them and really enjoyed it. Jay liked feeding the chicken the most.

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It doesn’t cost much to enter the animal park so is a brilliant way to treat the kids at a low cost. You can even take your own picnic if you would prefer, they have picnic tables in the play area.

We all had a brilliant day, definitely recommended if you live close by.

But apart from our day out, we didn’t particularly get to have any other days out. I think it’s typical that the sun has decided to show it’s face now that the kids are back at school. We may have to make up for it during the weekends.


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