Diet plan update

Last month I stated that I was going to start a strict diet to help with my Lipoedema, and I told you I’d give you an update, well I failed! Wow it was so difficult because it’s too restricting. I couldn’t particularly eat meals that I liked at all and it wasn’t very satisfying.

There is no proof that eating that way will help me, and it’s definitely not the diet for me. Some people do well on it, others don’t. I do believe that different diets work better for different people so I just have to find one that is suitable for me. At the moment I am sticking to the eat less but often approach, and I will definitely eat cleaner but not going too extreme with it.

People say that drinking green tea in the morning kick starts your metabolism, I may give that a go. I tried one the other week……. I think I will have learn to like it 😀 It’s not the tastiest thing I have tried I will admit, but if it helps, why not?

I really must cut the sugar intake too, I have far too much a day. Just by counting the sugars I have in tea through out the day is pretty shocking. I have 2 sugars in my tea and I drink on average 5-7 cups a day that’s a whopping 10-14 teaspoons of sugar, that’s a lot!

So there you have it, I failed! But I tried at least 😀


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