Fashion frustrations!

As many of us Lipoedema ladies know,  clothes can be a big issue. Most people that know me know I absolutely hate shopping especially for clothes. Part of that is because I can never find anything nice enough to fit me properly. It’s such a pain trundling through clothes racks and think “oh that looks nice” but when you go to try it on it doesn’t even fit properly, leaving you feeling deflated and rubbish.

I’m not quite 5ft so I have to opt for the petite range (which not many shops cater for it seems). Trousers are the worst, big bum, big thighs and big calves are a real problem. I can’t wear straight cut jeans they are a little bit snug on my calves and just looks silly, so I wear flared bottoms as they appear to be more generous. Plain black trousers are OK if I go for wide leg, in fact most trousers I own are wide legged. As for skinny jeans…… I won’t even go there 😀

I’m not very girlie when it comes to fashion but on the odd occasion, when I have a wedding to attend to or a party, sometimes I want to look glamorous or just feminine at least. I sometimes wish I could wear that lovely dress I saw in a shop window or online but I know due to my lack of confidence there is no way I would allow myself. Saying that, the first time in a really long time that I wore a dress was last year at my friends wedding. I wanted to dress up really nice for once. Mind you this dress touched the floor and I wore leggings underneath….. yes that’s right leggings 😀  10349876_10152800675957573_4189138818813531530_n  When I put it on I felt feminine! I can’t remember the last time I actually thought I looked all right. I may not be confident enough to show my legs but at last I found a style that looked glamorous to me. I do think I have Lip in my arms also so I like to cover my arms too, that’s another part of myself I hate having on show and can also be a pain to fit into certain tops (grr). I now own a few dresses which I buy from the same shop online, I like their styles and they have a petite range.

I’d love for there to be nice clothes with built in compression…. that would be amazing!

Another part of fashion that I get soooo jealous about is boots! Wow I’d love to be able to fit in to some really nice looking boots. I’m often finding myself staring at other people wearing lovely looking knee highs or Uggs, thinking “wish I could wear those” but unfortunately I can’t get the things past my calves or some even past my ankles. I have tried looking for “wide calf” boots…… still they don’t fit. I WILL get some boots on one day! I’m not giving up! It’s tough seeing people that can wear absolutely anything and it looks great on them, knowing you are limited due to body shape and lack of confidence, but all we can do is try and look our best and try not to get too down hearted about it.

So there you have my frustrations about fashion, I could go on and on but I won’t ha!


6 thoughts on “Fashion frustrations!

  1. You look fantastic in everything you wear, maybe you should sent this blog to a fashion designer or maybe email ‘This Morning’ and suggest someone bring out boots and straight jeans and trousers and clothes with compression in them for ladies with Lipoedema. There must be someone out there that can help xxxxxxx


  2. Hi Fay

    Firstly you look great , secondly you have an inner beauty that not everyone has.

    I also find it so hard to find clothes that fits and looks ok, and can only wear boots that have an elastic back these look fab and are very comfortable , worth a try I wear them with leggings with long jumper and looks and feels great , being knee high I often wear with thick black tights and a knee length dress

    Take care Em xx

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