Meet Jack, our newest family member :)

I mentioned in previous posts that my family and I adopted our dog, Echo, from Spain two years ago. We had been thinking for a while that we wanted to adopt another dog, to complete our family and for Echo to have a friend to play with. At the end of August we got in touch with another Spanish rescue home called Valle Verde Animal rescue. They are a non profit rescue association in which they rescue animals from abandonment or abuse and find them forever homes.

Admittedly we were interested in a gorgeous female pup, but fortunately for her she had found a forever home but her brother, Jack, was still looking for his. We were sent a couple of pictures of him and my OH and I knew he was definitely the one. Our hearts melted after seeing his pictures and even more so after hearing about his background. We were told he was very timid just like Echo was. After telling them we wanted to adopt him all we had to wait for was a home check and for Jack to have all of his vaccinations ready for travel. Yay!

Jack arrived on Saturday (26th) he was so timid and confused. We had the children stay in the living room until Jack had felt more comfortable with me and Doug first, it didn’t seem fair to thrust all of us into his face from the get go. It took an hour for Jack to get  more comfortable and then we introduced the children slowly.

DSC00608 DSC00609 DSC00599

The next day, my eldest two boys were off swimming so we thought it would be a nice opportunity for Echo and Jack to get to know each other better. So we took them out. They were a bit weary of each other at first but it wasn’t long before they were chasing one another and playing.

DSC00634 DSC00616 DSC00611 DSC00639 DSC0064720150930_121237000_iOS

It’s safe to say that I think they will be very good friends. We are so happy we have Jack here with us. It’s such a shame so many animals need help around the world. I’d save them all if I had the money and space but unfortunately we haven’t.

It’s wonderful that there are associations that can help a lot of animals but they do need help too. If you would like to adopt  or even just help out by donating it would help these wonderful people a great deal and most importantly helps save the lives of many animals.

We hope to have many adventures and memories made together!


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