My new compression

As you may know by now I wear compression every day to help with Lipoedema in my legs. My compression tights (as seen in the gallery below) squeezes the swollen area to prevent further growth and to help with aches and pains that I often suffer. Well my medi tights are really good and help me a lot, but they aren’t the most flattering of garments and there are days when I wouldn’t mind wearing something less medical looking, if you get what I mean 😀

So with talking with the leg specialist I asked if I could try other compression. She agreed so long as I match the strength I am already prescribed, I thought great! So I did some searching, but became a little deflated when I saw the prices of some of the compression tight/leggings. They were a bit out of my price range especially now we are edging closer toward Christmas!

Eventually I did come across a website, Neo-G that do more affordable compression tights. I thought “why not?” it’s not like I’d be wearing them daily, just for special occasions etc. I was a bit dubious as to whether they would be any good given the price. For really good compression you can be looking at £100+

They arrived last week and when I got them out of the packet I was thinking, I can’t see them working, they are really thin! But as I wriggled into them (much easier than my medi tights) they felt great! They are really light, easier to move around in and they were really comfortable. I knew they were working because I could feel the pressure straight away. I felt a little more confident in these too.

Here are pictures of me wearing them. Sorry about the different contrast, the sun came through the window which made them look different colour on camera. The forward facing picture is the more realistic colour.   20151026_123322000_iOS 20151026_123142000_iOS 20151026_122857000_iOS

These are open toe and I do have socks on underneath because my feet were cold 😀

I will eventually save up for the more expensive tights/leggings so that I can possibly wear them daily. I will wear these mostly for when I’m dressing up or when it’s too hot. These are much cooler than my medi’s so may even wear these to work! :p

If you are thinking about trying out different compression, please seek medical advice first 🙂


4 thoughts on “My new compression

  1. There is such a difference in you, the tights are really working and you have lost a lot of weight too. Well done, so proud of you xxxx


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