Compression – Persistence pays off!

It has been ages since I’ve last written a post. I haven’t had much time in the run up to Christmas. Not a lot has been happening to be honest.

The other week I went to the leg clinic to have my legs checked and remeasured. A lady from Germany (she measured my legs the first time round with another nurse) asked me to get ready for measuring, it’s funny because this time I didn’t feel as ashamed to get my legs out as much as I did the first time, like I have gained a bit of confidence since then which is a big step for me. As soon as I got my legs out she and the other nurse stated how they looked different. A hint of hope washed over me!

They still had all of the measurements from before and said they wanted to compare sizes, to see if the compression was working. Well I was absolutely over the moon when they told me I had lost 2cm from each leg!! It may not be much to some but I am chuffed to bits! It just goes to show that being persistent with the tights is paying off…. slowly but surely. Also, I’m really happy to have been able to order black tights this time (yay) black is definitely more me 😀

After 2 hours of measuring and examining my legs I left feeling more determined than ever to reduce the size. I did feel a little deflated to be told I’d have to wear compression but now I know they do work I am more than happy to keep going with it, after all they help so much with the pain too that I’d be silly to give them up.



4 thoughts on “Compression – Persistence pays off!

  1. I go for my first measuring and fitting tomorrow after being recently diagnosed. I’ve been dreading it, worrying how I will manage to get them on and off on my own, whether I’ll be able to wear them under my trousers. So many fears and bad dreams. Reading this blog today has given me hope that things won’t be as bad as I’d imagined. Thanks Fay.


      1. Thanks Fay, I’m a year behind you so your blog has given me encouragement, please don’t stop! I was so overwhelmed when I got my diagnosis that I came away with many questions to ask and that is why your blog has helped me. I’m hoping that my visit to the leg clinic tomorrow will provide even more information. Thank you so much for sharing your story. x


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