Lipoedema – “All you have to do is lose weight”

This is a phrase that is often said or written. It saddens me that people can be so close minded and aren’t willing to educate themselves on this horrible disorder. A lot of doctors are said to have told patients this too. I have heard it too many times now.

I often read articles on Lipoedema and I see comments made from people that don’t and will not try to understand and it makes me feel like I want to shake them and say “just listen”.

In one particular article I was reading, which was about how amazing it would be for Liposuction to be available on NHS for us Lippy ladies, one person commented saying how she didn’t want to pay for us “fat” and lazy people to get cosmetic surgery. I’m not mad at her comment I’m more disappointed. I’m disappointed in the fact that this disorder is brushed off and so very misunderstood. Another comment I read was “this isn’t a disorder it’s just fat, try dieting and exercising”. I really wish it was as simple as that. No amount of dieting or exercise will reduce the diseased fat like you’d think, it’s there to stay! It will keep growing if not treated then we are classed as “obese” and that it’s our own fault *sigh*

What a lot of people don’t realise is that us Lippy ladies try really hard to help ourselves. We eat carefully, we try (if mobility is good) to exercise. I know a lot of people that go for long walks, go to the gym, swim etc but it doesn’t work like it does with normal fat, some get little results some don’t at all, no matter how hard we try. We wear compression everyday if we can, unless that is, it is too painful as some people find. It’s not just about being “fat” it’s about having really painful legs all the time to the point it brings us to tears, it’s about not being able to walk far or enjoying activities with our loved ones, it’s about having such low self esteem that we hide our true selves from everyone who we deem “normal”

Have some compassion people. We aren’t asking for the world, we just want help.


4 thoughts on “Lipoedema – “All you have to do is lose weight”

  1. Fay this is fantastic. You have really expressed the stereotyping that needs to be changed. Love you and am extremely proud of you and your efforts everyday x

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  2. Wow Fay that is deep and brilliantly put. People need to get off their pedestals and look more deeply into things, then maybe just maybe they will be better people for it! We love you and are very proud of you xxxx

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