Just like a bad hair day, but with compression.


My last post was a tad on the serious side, so this time I wanted to write something a little light hearted.

I am always mentioning compression in my posts, mostly because I love them! but there are days when they just won’t go right, a bit like a bad hair day. For example, most days it takes me around 10 minutes to get my full length tights on…. today, it took me 20 minutes!! I was faffing and sweating trying to pull them up but my arms were too weak! You know when you can’t even grip a toothbrush in the morning because your muscles don’t want to wake up, well I had no hope this morning.


They are so tight, it’s like trying to squeeze into a pair of jeans that are 3 sizes too small….. try and imagine that! Normally I’d get the OH to help but unfortunately for me (and him of course), he has a prolapsed disc in his back so I have had to take the wheel and wow it is tough! I bow down to anyone that can do it with false nails on without pinging them all over the place. That takes some serious skills.

Once you have them on, it doesn’t end there, they refuse to sit right so you spend a lot of time readjusting them and picking them out of your backside. Then there is the random itchiness that occurs out of nowhere. It zings you like an electric shock. Once, I was walking down the street and it struck right at the back of my leg, I almost buckled and I was stood there trying to itch it really hard and then I realised people were giving me this really odd look of “is this lady OK?”

Another downfall is when you really need to pee (I know, I know). If all of a sudden you have to go….. good luck! Trying to jiggle and try to pull down the tightest of garments is impossible. I think if you sense in the slightest you need to go, you get to the nearest toilet ASAP. There is no risking it, especially if you are anything like me and have a bladder the size of a peanut.


Taking them off is no easy task either. Once you have pulled them down to the knee they get a little stuck. I have had my OH and my mum help me remove my tights because I have absolutely no strength 😀 It’s like being in a round of tug of war!

Even though I recommend compression, there are times I want to stick my fingers up to them, just like my disobedient hair sometimes 😀


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