If the boots fit.

Last September I wrote about how I can never find any boots to fit me (refer to Fashion frustrations!) and I had a few messages recommending a clothes retailer for the curvier lady, Simply Be. I was told you can buy different size boots using different measurements so technically they are made to measure.

I thought hey I’ll give it a go, I’m desperate for some lovely boots so I went online and had a little look on their website. They have a chart that helps you ensure you measure the right sizes.
I found some boots that looked lovely, so I measured my calves and foot size and clicked order. I admit I didn’t read it properly and forgot to click the appropriate calf size (whoops) so when they arrived they didn’t fit 😫 I was so disappointed so I sent them back.

Once they were returned I tried again, this time I forgot to measure the width of my feet (I seriously need to pay attention more) so again they didn’t fit, I was so frustrated with myself. Off I went to return them. On my third try I made a checklist like I should have done in the first place, I measured everything correctly and hit the order button. Once I ordered them I had an email to say they would take a while due to stock, it took around 2 months to be delivered. I waited all over Christmas.
When they finally arrived I tried not to get too excited. I slipped them on and was left a little bit disappointed as they didn’t quite fit

It was so frustrating, as I’d put a little weight on over Christmas. My OH noticed there was a zip and buckle on the other side that I could undo to widen it. So I undid it a little bit.

I pulled the main zip up on the inside and was elated to find they fit!! Yay 😆 I am so happy I finally have boots to wear.
I am currently doing resistance band exercises and squats almost everyday so I’m hoping I can reduce the size of my legs so they fit properly. fingers crossed!




Here I am in my boots 😄 Excuse the wonky door mat and of course my facial expression, I was mid talking when the picture was taken 😂

Sometimes, determination can pay off, it may take a while but it’s worth it.


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