Goodbye restless legs… I hope!

For a long time my OH has been massaging my legs around twice a week at least. I heard somewhere that massage is very beneficial for lippy/lymph ladies, unless the limbs are painful to touch.

When my OH first started massaging my legs they were painful, and I mean painful. The texture beneath the skin was described by the OH as “poppy/bubbly and hard in places”. The more he massaged the less painful they were, and my legs didn’t get as restless anymore. It helped so much that I could wake up in the morning and move practically straight away without being stuck in the same spot for 10 minutes. It was hard work for him though. When he hurt his back he couldn’t massage them anymore which I didn’t mind. I didn’t want him to hurt himself more.

I was toying with the idea of visiting a salon or getting a massage therapist in but I couldn’t bring myself to have a stranger touch them, besides I couldn’t afford it really. I gave up on the whole massage thing.

Anyway I ended up changing my job working nights full time, less moving around unfortunately and I noticed my legs had got bigger 😦 I was told you can gain weight working nights because you retain water, how true that is I have no idea, either that the massage helped them reduce so they swelled because I’d stopped? Who knows. Anyhoo my legs started to get really painful again, and even though I said no, my OH offered to massage them. It was the worst pain ever!! I was practically in tears and I had to stop it was awful! They felt very poppy, but afterwards they felt a bit better again.

In one of the support groups I have joined I heard a lot of people talking about how vibration plates are really good for Lipoedema/Lymphoedema. I did some research and although they say it’s not proven, apparently vibration plates helps blood and lymph flow and breaks up fibrotic tissue. Ladies that use them have nothing but praise for them so I thought, that’s it! I’m getting one.


After a lot of research I found this one. It’s an oscillating vibration plate which you can do a few exercises on. I have read that for Lip/Lymph oscillating is better than Vertical vibration plates because the vertical ones can increase swelling (I don’t know how accurate that is) . You mustn’t wear compression on these machines as you need to be able to “wobble” and get things flowing.

I do 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening. I have had this machine for a week or so now and I must say that my legs feel so much better lately. They have stopped feeling so restless at night and they aren’t as painful as they were before. I feel a lot better knowing that I don’t have to have a stranger massage me, I can just pop onto my plate.

Only time will tell if it rids of excess fluid and my legs reduce a little in size. I will keep you all updated. I may even make a video…. we will see 😉


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