A year with Jack

It has been over a year since Jack came into our lives and what a year it has been. Time has flown by!

Jack was so timid and nervous the first day he arrived, he hid under the dining room table for a while and took around an hour to get used to me and the OH. You should see him at home now, he is so full of energy and not quite the timid pup any more. Of course, he is still nervous with strangers, but he is so much better than he was.

Jack is very playful and boy does he love to play. Echo doesn’t get a moments rest at times when Jack is feeling playful! He is very mischievous 🙂


I can’t say it has been easy with him though. As many dog owners find, puppies go through chewing stages and separation anxiety. But with training and persistence he is gradually getting better, and not chewing my house up 😀


Admittedly, he barks at pretty much everything, not in a sinister way at all. He barks when he’s excited, when he’s curious, when he’s playing…. literally everything but we are working on that with him. One thing at a time eh?

He has fit in with our family very well and he is brilliant with the kids. Couldn’t ask for anything more.


Photography by Harley Creighton  visit his page on Facebook





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