A year with Jack

It has been over a year since Jack came into our lives and what a year it has been. Time has flown by! Jack was so timid and nervous the first day he arrived, he hid under the dining room table for a while and took around an hour to get used to me and … More A year with Jack

Happy new year!!

I want wish everyone a happy new year!  2015 has been an up and down year for my family and I. The upside, moving house, being referred to the leg clinic which have been brilliant in helping me cope with Lipoedema, adopting Jack and making good memories. This year my main aim is to make … More Happy new year!!

Diet plan update

Last month I stated that I was going to start a strict diet to help with my Lipoedema, and I told you I’d give you an update, well I failed! Wow it was so difficult because it’s too restricting. I couldn’t particularly eat meals that I liked at all and it wasn’t very satisfying. There … More Diet plan update

Thank you

I just want to say a quick thank you to everyone for your support. The response has been absolutely overwhelming! I never expected anyone to particularly take any notice but I’m happy to say that my posts have been seen and shared which means my goal is being met! Thank you so much 🙂

Achy legs

   As my friends and family know, I work part time. Two days a week I clean for a holiday resort. It’s a pretty fast paced job as I’m on a tight time limit and I’m on my feet non stop once I start, which is really good as it keeps my legs well circulated … More Achy legs